• What are “Artisan” breads and baked goods?
    Artisanal products, according to the dictionary, are high quality products, especially foods, that are made in small batches typically made by hand using traditional methods.
  • Why are artisanal products desirable?
    Typically, foods produced on large scales compromise a great deal of quality and nutritional potential to accommodate greater production at lower cost. Artisanal products typically contain less preservatives, if any, but can often last as long as large brands because artisinal products don’t usually travel for days and sit in warehouses for weeks before making it to the store.
  • What is Sprouted Grain Bread?
    Sprouted Grain Breads are breads made from flour ground from grains that have been soaked in water to the point that the grain starts to sprout. These sprouts are then dried and ground into flower for bread.
  • What are the benefits of sprouted grain bread?
    Sprouted grain breads are easier for the human body to digest and are understood to have more nutritional content that is easier to absorb than dry grain breads.
  • Why buy locally produced food?
    Some of the top reasons people like to buy products from local sources include:

    • more money circulates locally helping local economies thrive.
    • direct access to the people making their food engenders greater trust.
    • better quality food.
    • locally sourced foods travel less decreasing environmental impact.