Sprouted grain breads differ from traditional breads. Traditional breads typically use flour that is ground from the dry grain like wheat or rye. The flower for sprouted grain bread comes from grains that have been soaked in water to start the sprouting process. After soaking the grain (for about 24 hours) the grains are drained and allowed to start sprouting.  These sprouts are then dehydrated and ground into flour for the bread.

Glenn Family Bakery - Sprouted Grain BreadUsing the same principles, Chef John at Glenn Family Bakery employs a slightly different process for his sprouted grains breads. After the grains have been soaked, drained, and started to sprout, Chef John grinds his sprouts into a paste before it dries. This creates a more moist and flavorful bread.

NEW! Ancient Grain Bread

Fruits and vegetables grown from Heirloom Seeds are largely considered to taste better and have greater nutritional value. The same goes for Heirloom Bread Grains.

Chef John has hunted down a source for heirloom Kamut grains from Egypt and Spelt grains from Iran.  Each has an heirloom lineage over 5000 years old! These grains, combined with Chef John’s grain sprouting method, makes for one of the most remarkably flavorful and nutritious sprouted grain breads available.

Benefits of Sprouted Grain Breads

  • Increased Digestibility
  • Increased absorption of minerals
  • High in antioxidants
  • High in Vitamin A, B, C, Niacin
  • High in protein, iron, potassium, calcium
  • No preservatives or additives
  • No processed sugar
  • Low in fat and gluten
  • Living sprouts produce enzymes when sprouting that help break down protein and carbohydrates
  • It taste GREAT.